Cielo rasO

Cielo rasO

Contemporary dance company founded in 2009

Cielo rasO

We feel the need to create new staging approaches for dance, and consequently they generate a new artistic current.

Our professional ethics lead us to approach the stage by paying attention to the smallest detail, generating powerful staging resources.

We concentrate on the body, movement, humanity, a delicate place if ever there was one, through the faithful and honest work of dancers who aim to transcend.

In our fieldwork there is a clear style of our own, a seal that makes our pieces identifiable, and a personal physical language, something new and daring.

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Our commitment has gradually earned the recognition of the Spanish creative scene. Over the last six years, thirteen creations have demonstrated the value of the intensity of our work.

The company has toured in Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Panama. Our work has been selected again and again in different exhibition networks, platforms, fairs and festivals. Danza a Escena, Circuito de Red de Salas Alternativas de España, Catálogo Platea, dFERIA, Regards Croisès, Fira Tàrrega, Cena Contemporânea...

Supported since 2010 by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government, in 2014 we were included in the Dance Companies Consolidation Programme. We also have support from the cultural area of the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa, the Etxepare Basque Institute, Donostia Kultura-Gazteszena, Dantzagunea and DSS 2016.

Cielo rasO - Compañía de Danza Contemporánea
Cielo rasO - Compañía de Danza Contemporánea


Igor Calonge, trained as a dancer in different disciplines, after two years of studying he had the opportunity to start his professional career in these Spanish companies: Provisional Danza, Cía. Daniel Abreu, Cía. Fernando Hurtado, Hojarasca Danza, Ciento cincuenta cuerdas, etc. During this period he also continued his training in prestigious Spanish and European schools.

With a wide career as a performer, in 2001 he began, simultaneously, to create his own small format choreographies. As a fledgling example of the propitious creative moment, he experimented by associating with different collectives of artists who were developing their work in the now defunct Arteleku Arts Centre in San Sebastián.

Gabriel F. has directed Teatro de Açùcar since 2007. With a degree in Theatre Direction, he has been nominated, and won prizes, on more than 10 occasions in diverse categories, being singled out as best Contemporary Dramatist and Actor in Brasilia. He is passionate about the world of photography and cinema.

He shares his vision of Theatre and Dramaturgy in the constructive processes of Cielo rasO, collaborating in a new narrative language and in a global vision of the stage experience of dance, penetrating deep into the personal universe of Igor Calonge, giving a new meaning to assistant direction.

Beatriz Churruca joined in 2013. With a degree in Fine Arts, a Multidisciplinary Artist with a long trajectory in Spanish and European arts and with great experience in the creation of collectives and platforms, she was part of the earliest choreographic seedlings alongside Igor Calonge, and after long years of observation and mutual respect with regard to both lines of work, she decided to collaborate in all of the processes, contributing all her artistic experience and becoming a clear and honest voice within the common objective of promoting the company and its creations.

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