Hamaika neke, hamaika indar.
Sometimes, that which trembled in a darkened museum bursts into brilliance.

Hâmaïkà is a chamber piece which breaks up and emphasises 11 years of creative career; it is flexible and enhances the position of difference, gender and freedom. The choreographic work is powerful, but the language needs an expert gaze and this can only happen thanks to you.

Cielo rasO - Hâmaïkà

Hâmaïkà plays with fiction and reality, in a less than serious way, pushing us to look. When fiction and reality mix, magic appears. Magic involves tricks, and the tricks, generally, are required to remain hidden because to show them is to break the illusion. But the illusion only breaks when imagination disappears.

Cielo rasO - Hâmaïkà

In Search of a Lost Feather

“From there we have briefly returned to the initial chaotic passages, and in the final scene the blind man's stick has guided the group towards the feather abandoned by an angel, in an unforgettable scene of subliminal significance. A thousand thanks, Calonge, for so generously feeding our impoverished spirits with these images and metaphors.”

Agus Perez, Hâmaïkà. Berria Newspaper, 14-09-2021

Risk and Repetition

“Strength, movement, energy and a simulation of existence from the state of blindness. A blindness of the human being whose actions in life end up being pure repetition. Hamaika means eleven in Basque and is used to define the infinite, what happens a certain number of times, like in the sequences of this sensational production which has not gone unnoticed and which confirms the excellent creative trajectory of Igor Calonge and his company, Cielo rasO. We are grateful for his commitment to risk and creative vertigo.”

José Vicente Peiró, Hâmaïkà. Red Escénica Magazine, 5-11-2021