Cielo rasO
Cielo rasO - Née


Née is a work that moves us, gives roots to the human, caresses loneliness, stratifies loss, accompanies disillusionment, emancipates disenchantment, energises absence, fights for love, virtualises the nearby, sustains magic, frightens off demons, humanises the inanimate, returns from the dark, attacks the imagination, separates fears and puts them in order, crosses the air and strives.

With elegance, it builds a journey far removed from noise. It is told in the first person, thoughtful and transformative.

Née is a solo work, and it exists in order to be told.

Cielo rasO - Née

Different real events inhabit the depths of Née's narrative layers. These have been a catalyst for creative performance forms. They provide the spectator with an emotional nexus, connected to the essence of the human voice.

Née moves us due to the place from which it is narrated rather than the narrated fact itself. The event is already ordered, as life has been assimilated, accepted and directed, but the journey is told from the end.

Née was born as a lesson. It arises from pain and recalls beauty.

Cielo rasO - Née
Cielo rasO - Née
  • Choreographed, performed and directed by
    Igor Calonge
  • Assistant Director
    Gabriel F.
  • Assistant Choreographer
    David Candela
  • Lighting design
    Sergio García
  • Costume design
    Xabier Mujika
  • Scenography
    Igor Calonge
  • Distribution
    Beatriz Churruca / Astakardu
  • Photography
    Daniel Blanco
  • Video
    Kensa Produkzioak, Asier Garcia
  • Duration
    50 minutes
  • Première
    17 december 2023, Gazteszena Egia K.E.
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Cielo rasO - Née
  • Video

  • Subsidies
    Basque Government
  • With the collaboration of
    Dantzagunea (Gipuzkoa Province Dance Service) and Egia Culture Centre.