Cielo rasO
Cielo rasO

Cielo rasO is a dance company founded by the choreographer and dancer Igor Calonge in 2010 in the Basque Country, a territory with a strong identity in its cultural and artistic expression.

This identity and its transformation towards contemporariness is the basis of the work of Cielo rasO which makes use of tradition, the strength of the body, resistance, primitive struggle, symbology and poetics to offer an ever-new physical language and a daring result.

Cielo rasO has also achieved its own outstanding style in the treatment of the stage. Its approach has won more and more recognition on the national scene. 18 creations have demonstrated the value of the intensity of the work.

Its productions have visited France, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Paraguay and Finland.

Our commitment has gradually earned the recognition of the Spanish creative scene. Over the last six years, thirteen creations have demonstrated the value of the intensity of our work. The company has toured in France, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Panama. Our work has been selected again and again in different exhibition networks, platforms, fairs and festivals. Danza a Escena, Circuito de Red de Salas Alternativas de España, Catálogo Platea, Catálogo AECID, dFERIA , Regards Croisés, Fira Tàrrega, Mes de la Danza de Sevilla, Cadiz en Danza, Danza Gijón, FAM Tenerife, FIBA Buenos Aires, Cena Contemporânea Brasil, MID Festival Brasil, Filo Londrina, Brazil, Filte Bahía, Brazil, Crear en Libertad Paraguay, Prisma Panama, Black & White Finland Festival.

Igor Calonge

Donostia-San Sebastián 1974. Igor Calonge, trained as a dancer in different disciplines. After two years of studying he had the opportunity to start his professional career in these Spanish companies: Provisional Danza, Cía. Daniel Abreu, Cía. Fernando Hurtado, Hojarasca Danza, Ciento cincuenta cuerdas, etc. During this period he also continued his training in prestigious Spanish and European schools.

With a wide career as a performer, in 2001 he began, simultaneously, to create his own small format choreographies. As a fledgling example of the propitious creative moment, he experimented by associating with different collectives of artists who were developing their work in the now defunct Arteleku Arts Centre in San Sebastián. In 2009 he created “Cielo rasO”.

In 2010, he created Cielo rasO to facilitate wider-ranging productions, as well as his work as a teacher which was, from very early on, given support by Dantzagunea, the Gipuzkoa Regional Government Dance Service, and the Department of Culture of the city of San Sebastián, DonostiKultura, as well as the Basque Government.

“Each piece I imagine and work on, each sound or composition, has led me to the place where I later gather the complete work. It's a treasure, a creative coup for which I was never educated, or taught, or learned about. Perhaps, in some way, I have achieved the most difficult part: to transform my way of playing as a child into something that is now full of light and action, and which is alive, even though it's not carried out, and resides substantially in my memory.”

“Over the years I have learned to work with more and more intelligence and skill, which is what time gives you. Dedication and obstinacy are no problem when we are passionate about something, reminding us that we are capable of constructing beauty, ideas, emotions and landscapes through the body, which serves as a catalysing element for our dreams, hopes, misfortunes and failures.”

Igor Calonge