It is the tireless search for one's own state. It has a slight nuance of defeat, which it exhales in a small plastic receptacle, in which a thought, feeling or emotion is kept. The action vibrates from there, the journey it makes is in connection with the body, which is a bellows blowing into the different parts, encouraging them to move. The air relates the action and from each breath, survives.

Represented in a piece of plastic, it expands, each exhalation collecting the will to survive, to recover life, the start again in a different space, the will to see, to live, to dance. Free, calm and peaceful.

A present that opens up like a bag containing the breath of the spirit.

Cielo rasO - Reset

A Breath of Hope

“A magnificent, intense, nostalgic and extremely poetic solo piece, in which Igor Calonge could represent one of those minuscule characters, as he likes to imagine himself, that occupy the paintings of Juan Genovés. Very small people in their individuality, due to the scale of representation, but which, taken together, create an impressive magma of power.”

Carlos Louredo, Reset. Cine Invisible, 22-10-2021