Apart you observe the person singing, the drawing on the carpet on the floor is repeated on the armchairs and on some curtains which hide a distribution panel, the rest of the space is painted a dark colour, the wheel of lights turns violently, its artificial colours strike the faces of the other people, you see unknown faces, elegantly dressed, some of them smile at you politely, you're next, you concentrate on the lights in order not to think...

Cielo rasO - Karaoke

The strange emptiness of a non-place

"The dance compositions, especially those for couples, are of a notable plastic beauty. The development of the choreography has a strange, but firm, interior rhythm, where the silences are as important as the musical episodes. Karaoke (vacío de orquesta) (Karaoke, orchestral emptiness) is a work which expresses itself with an enormous intensity and a variety of sensations in its compositions, not lacking in sensuality in many phases. Above all, the three dancers combine flexibility and strength, the most dynamic role being reserved for the woman, for whom the most dazzling exhibition is also reserved, as occurs in the final phase, including a tremendous celebratory finale."

Extract from a review by Francisco Mesa, 15 June 2015, Diario Bahía de Cádiz

Cielo rasO - Karaoke